Sound Design/Composition for a Sweet 16.


A sweet 16 video I composed for.

Model BTS: Taylor


A BTS video I composed.

Sound Design/Composition for sports motivational commercial


A Jordan/Nike video I used to compose the music for. I do not own the footage in this video.This is an example of a uplifting/motivating commercial which utilizies melody to tie the emotion of the viewer to the video, creating value of feeling.



Sound Design for Product Marketing


A video I used to compose and sound design for. I do not own the footage in this video. This is an example of a product marketing that uses key elements in sound that are not only familiar but connect the viewer to the commercial.

Sound Design for Action/Suspense film preview


This score incorporates a crescendoing high energy orchestra which can be used for film previews.

Sound Design for energy drink "A-Game"


This song creates a theme and uses a musically inclined Pop instrumental behind smooth lyrics to deliver the message.

Hip-Hop Fighting Score - Instrumental
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Sound Design for a Hip-Hop Fighting Scene